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Welcome to Walsh Sealcoating and Paving's Commercial Sealcoating Services!

Did you know that the first thing customers see when they visit your business is your parking lot? Don't let it be an eyesore - let us take care of it for you! At Walsh Sealcoating and Paving in Illinois, we understand how important a well-maintained parking lot is for any business. A parking lot provides your customers and employees with the first impression of your business, and we all know that first impressions are crucial. That's why we're proud to offer a comprehensive commercial sealcoating service that will keep your parking lot looking great and functional for years to come.

What We Offer


Enhance the look and functionality of your business today with our commercial asphalt services! Our service involves the application of a protective layer of sealant to the surface of your parking lot, protecting it against the elements and wear and tear. From asphalt sealcoating to striping and custom striping, we can help you get your parking lot looking its best.

Our commercial asphalt services include sealcoating, which helps to protect your parking lot surface from:

Extreme weather.png

Extreme weather conditions

Snow plowing.png

Snow plowing



UV rays.png

UV rays

Wear and tear.png

Wear and tear

Heavy truck damage.png

Heavy truck damage


And much more!

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& Even More!

Our team of collaborative technicians works hard to offer the best paving and sealcoating services in the entire Illinois region. We understand how important it is to maintain the look but also the safety of the customers of your business. That's why we also offer striping and custom striping services to help improve the safety of your business, reduce liability, meet accessibility requirements, and boost curb appeal!


Our services include:

Hot rubber crack filling_.jpg

Hot rubber crack filling



Handicap striping services.jpg

Handicap striping services

Custom striping services_.jpg

Custom striping services

Contact us today for an estimate and let us help you make a great first impression!



How Can Sealcoating Help Your Business?

A freshly applied sealcoat will help your parking lot look brand new. It will also improve the curb appeal of your business, making your property look more inviting to clients and customers. Sealcoating extends the lifespan of your parking lot, saving you the cost of major repairs in the long run.

Commercial paving surfaces also benefit from the addition of paint, which helps increase safety and visibility. A well-marked parking lot will prevent accidents and help direct traffic in an orderly manner. By using high-quality paint, we can ensure that your parking lot lines are vibrant and long-lasting.


Why Trust Walsh?

Our team of experts at Walsh Sealcoating and Paving is well-equipped to handle any commercial sealcoating project, no matter how large or small. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment and offer competitive pricing to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

We believe in providing our clients with a comprehensive and customer-focused service from start to finish. With excellent communication, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality workmanship, we guarantee your satisfaction with every job we do.

Get Your Free Estimate

Reach out to us at Walsh Sealcoating and Paving today to schedule your commercial sealcoating service. We're here to help your business look its best and serve your customers in style, now and years to come!

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