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"I have oil stains on my driveway do those need to be treated?"

Yes they do. For the sealer to adhere to the asphalt all oil stains need to be treated with a primer.

"Do I need to be home when they come to seal my driveway?"

No, you do not. Do to the fact that we do this work during the week for residential customers most of them are out of the home at the time of service. We just ask that you leave payment for the guys to grab when they are done. For our commercial customers most of you are only open from Monday to Friday so we would then come out to you on the weekends. We also do make exceptions to customers that have different schedules for which we can make allowances at that time.

"Do they cut back the over grown grass from the side of the driveway?"

Yes we do. Our sealcoaters cut away all over grown grass to expose more of your asphalt and enhance the appearance of your property.

"But my driveway has rocks and leaves on it?"

Thats ok, we use high powered blowers and asphalt brooms to scrub away all dirt and leaves from the driveway. This is an important part to the perfect seal!

"What time will my appointment be?"

Walsh Sealcoating does not make scheduled appointments by the hour, we schedule for the day of the week only. The reason for this is some driveways/parking lots need some extra attention. Our standard of quality takes time and we want to implement quality work on every job.

"What happens if it rains?"

Living in Illinois we all know that the weather is very unpredictable and we try to keep all of our appointments. In case of poor weather Walsh Sealcoating will call to inform you of any cancellations and about rescheduling. We do not start to call and cancel till at least 10 am the day of your appointment.

"Why should I keep up with my driveway/parking lot sealcoating?"

Well there many reasons to keep up on the maintenance of your asphalt these are just the top 4:

The number one reason to get your asphalt sealed regularly is curb appeal. You know the old saying " you only get one chance to make a first impression."

Another reason to seal is it will help to increase property values as well as be eye-appealing to prospective patrons,

Many of us need to save money now more than ever, and your driveway/parking lot is no exception to the rule. Proper driveway/parking lot maintenance will help preserve your driveway for many years to come.

Every year your driveway/parking lot endures heavy traffic, scorching sun rays, bitter freezing winters and heavy rain fall, to help in preventing asphalt deterioration you need to be sealed.