The Impact of Winter Weather on Your Pavement & Concrete

The Impact of Winter Weather on Your Pavement & Concrete

Pavement and concrete are essential to the functionality, safety, and beauty of outdoor spaces. Both can be damaged by the temperature, water, and snow removal of the winter. If pavement and concrete need repair before winter, the impact of winter weather can be more extensive. Walsh Sealcoating’s services include paving, repair, and replacement. We prevent damage to your asphalt with our sealcoating service.

Concrete Paving

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While it seems hard, asphalt is still flexible. And it can freeze. Cold causes asphalt to contract while water freezes and expands. As temperatures increase and decrease through the winter, the expansion and contracting can lead to cracks. As the freeze-thaw repeats, cracks will increase in size. Even when the air temperature rises above freezing, the pavement temperature can stay below freezing. This means that you may see melted snow and still have a thin layer of ice underneath. Asphalt paving will heat faster than concrete due to its darker color, causing ice and snow to melt. This makes your pavement safer for visitors. Asphalt sealcoating will fill small cracks and smooth the surface so water cannot penetrate it. This keeps the pavement safer all year long.

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Once there is a crack in your pavement, it will fill with water as the snow and ice melt. When the temperatures fall, the water will freeze and expand. Any holes and cracks will grow as the freeze-and-thaw cycle repeats. This is seen clearly with concrete. It is a porous material so it has tiny pores or small holes. These pores can fill with water and when it freezes the ice will expand, putting pressure on the surrounding pavement. This increased pressure will eventually cause damage like expanding cracks and potholes. As water in the ground freezes, it can also shift leading to uneven pavement.

Winter thaw and spring rain can wash away dirt supporting the pavement, leaving a void beneath. Without proper support, the pavement can crack or sink. You may notice this when puddles develop. Puddles may not seem like a problem, just a nuisance. Puddles reveal an issue under the pavement. The standing water on pavement will also contribute to pavement deteriorating faster. Repairing areas affected by water will extend the life of the pavement. Walsh Sealcoating has concrete services that include installation and repair.

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Snow Removal

Snow removal equipment like plows can leave pavement and concrete with gouges and holes resulting in much-needed repairs. Stick to snow shovels and snow blowers when possible. Proper asphalt sealcoating will help protect your asphalt by filling small cracks and holes. Chemicals used in ice removal can cause damage to pavement and sealcoating. Salt and chemical deicers will also erode the surface of concrete and asphalt which speeds up deterioration. Chemical deicers are also a hazard to local wildlife and our waterways. To reduce damage and extend the life of your pavement, use eco-friendly options like sand. As a bonus, sand will not damage areas surrounding the pavement like salt and chemical deicing can. Commercial customers can also contact Walsh Sealcoating for help with safe snow removal.

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Prevention is Key

Prevent cracks from growing by repairing and sealing before winter weather and ice can create more damage. Asphalt sealcoat will protect pavement surfaces by filling small cracks and providing a barrier from the sun. Even if you do not have snow and ice, the sun’s rays can contribute to weakening pavement and lead to cracks and fading. Regular maintenance of your asphalt and concrete pavement will reduce the repairs needed in the future and make your existing pavement last as long as possible. Walsh Sealcoating will repair or replace the pavement and apply protective asphalt sealcoating for residential and commercial properties.

If you need asphalt services including sealcoating, or concrete repair, and want experienced professionals who take pride in their work, then reach out for your free quote. We can assist with driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors, stairs, and retaining walls. These areas can be functional and aesthetically pleasing. We can also handle asphalt replacement when your surfaces have reached the end of their lifespan. Walsh Sealcoating takes your needs seriously and will treat your space like it is our own. Walsh Sealcoating serves Lombard, Illinois, and the surrounding area.