6 Signs Your Asphalt or Concrete Need Repairs

When it comes to maintaining your Illinois home, you have more to worry about than your appliances and landscaping. If you have a driveway made of asphalt or concrete, taking care of it is just as important! Not only is it one of the first things guests see when visiting, but it’s also essential for your vehicles. By performing a routine inspection of your driveway, you can ensure it’s in tip-top shape. However, do you know which signs to watch out for to tell whether your asphalt or concrete needs repairs?

Walsh Sealcoating is here to help. As your top-rated source for all things sealcoating, paving, and more, you can trust us to help you identify problem areas that need immediate attention. Today, we’ve gathered six of the most common signs of driveway wear and tear we find throughout Lombard. Read on as we share, then contact us for an estimate on asphalt or concrete repair.

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The Surface Is Distorted

When you look at the surface of your driveway, do you notice any distortion? This could mean anything from warped concrete to buckling asphalt. If so, you may need to schedule a repair. Parking heavy vehicles on your driveway can lead to distortion, though it could also be the result of a weak, unstable base. No matter the cause, you’ll want it addressed quickly before the problem worsens because it can lead to further issues in the base layers or create cracks. Fortunately, at Walsh Sealcoating, our services can handle distortion by replacing your driveway or leveling it off, depending on the severity.

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You’ve Noticed Drainage Problems

Illinois thunderstorms can get intense! If your driveway doesn’t have the proper drainage, you may need a concrete or asphalt repair to fix it. When the surface can’t drain, your property could get left with lingering puddles that threaten the binding agents used in the driveway’s composition. This is a problem because it increases the risk of future potholes and cracks. Get a quote from Walsh Sealcoating if you notice drainage issues on your asphalt or concrete.

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The Asphalt Color Is Fading

If you have an asphalt driveway, you may find that the color isn’t as rich or dark as it once was. Faded asphalt is simply the result of frequent exposure to sunshine, which is often inevitable, especially if your property lacks shade. While this may not seem like a significant problem, you should know that it can decrease the strength of your driveway, leaving it susceptible to cracking. If your driveway is fading, turn to Walsh Sealcoating for protective sealcoating. A sealcoat application will refresh the look of your asphalt and protect it against weather and UV damage.

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The Surface Has Growing Cracks

One of the most common signs that you need asphalt or concrete repair is prevalent growing cracks. A small crack here and there isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, but if you’re noticing large cracks widening or crossing each other, you’ll want to contact Walsh Sealcoating for help. When it comes to asphalt crack repair, we can patch or fill in minor ones. But if your driveway has major cracks, we’ll likely need to provide a complete replacement.

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The Concrete Is Stained

Whether you work on your vehicles often or just park them on your driveway regularly, you’re bound to get some stains on the surface. Concrete is especially prone to this problem because its lighter color makes auto fluids such as oil more noticeable. Stains might not be something you consider to be an issue, but you should know that the chemicals in your vehicle’s fluids can destroy your driveway’s composition. The services from Walsh Sealcoating can help you address these stains as soon as you notice them so you won’t wind up with more damage.

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There Are Potholes

One of the worst signs that you need concrete or asphalt repair is one or more potholes! Potholes are typically the result of major cracks, trapped moisture, or a weak driveway base. If its damage isn’t too deep, you could get the pothole patched or filled. Unfortunately, however, the damage from a pothole often reaches the base layer of the driveway, so you may need replacement paving from Walsh Sealcoating to address it. Potholes aren’t something you want to put off for long, either. They’re a huge tripping hazard for pedestrians and could wreak havoc on your vehicle’s tires or rims, so we suggest getting your potholes fixed as soon as they appear.

Turn to Walsh Sealcoating for Asphalt and Concrete Repairs

If you’ve noticed any of the six signs of driveway damage we’ve shared here today, it’s critical to get in touch with Walsh Sealcoating as soon as possible. You don’t want to leave any of these problems unaddressed for too long, otherwise, you could leave your asphalt or concrete vulnerable to further damage. No matter what you’re dealing with, we offer a range of paving and sealcoating services in Lombard to help homeowners maintain their driveways. Contact us today for an estimate on your concerns.

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