4 Reasons to Hire Pavement Professionals Instead of Doing it On Your Own

A smooth, well-crafted driveway can work wonders for your home’s or business’ aesthetic. Taking the time to fill in any unwanted cracks or missing pieces also protects the tires on your personal or commercial vehicles and creates a safer environment for everyone in the general area. Walsh Sealcoating in Lombard, IL is determined to provide as many residential and commercial clients as possible with these benefits.

Our asphalt and concrete paving services, topped off with our sealcoating protection, are available to keep individuals from having to take care of it themselves. The best way to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful final product is to trust our driveway paving experts to take care of everything. Walsh Sealcoating is dedicated to providing honest workmanship and several different project options to the table, protecting our clients’ property and ensuring they don’t have to get their hands dirty. Today on our blog, we’re taking an in-depth look at why you should trust our pavement professionals to take care of any paving repairs. Learn more below and get a quote for yourself online today!

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Guaranteed Quality & Smoothness

Lombard homeowners, HOA associations, and commercial business owners may decide to take on an asphalt and concrete paving project themselves and consult various online resources to achieve it. However, even accounting for all the research and material purchases that may be involved, there is no substitute for letting Walsh Sealcoating handle it. By reaching out to our driveway paving and sealcoating professionals to take care of your deteriorating driveway, we can ensure the final product is as smooth and clean as possible.

It’s possible for clients who attempt to take on a project of this size on their own to inadvertently make mistakes that comprise the quality of the finished driveway; whether it be ripples and indents in the concrete or an unlevel base, all these factors can lead to a less-than-ideal property addition. Walsh Sealcoating’s commitment to long-lasting quality ensures any paving project is taken care of with the utmost attention to detail!


Sealcoating Protection

A major benefit of trusting the asphalt and concrete paving professionals at Walsh Sealcoating to take care of your driveway, sidewalk, or pathway project lies in our protective coatings. Sealcoating — which is what our company is known for — essentially creates a protective outer layer on the concrete or asphalt on your property. The idea behind this add-on to traditional asphalt and concrete paving services is to emphasize overall curb appeal and increase overall property value; sealcoating also prevents homeowners and business owners from investing far more time and money into follow-up driveway maintenance.

Walsh Sealcoating’s goal as a driveway paving company is to prevent our client's property from deteriorating over time, which is why we strongly believe leaving these improvement projects to us is the best possible option. Let our staff members protect the short-term and long-term durability of your driveway so you can enjoy its aesthetic and usage for years to come.

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Give Yourself Time Back

Your time is precious. Whether it’s the hours you spend at home or the hours you spend at your workplace, you deserve to have your time respected. With this in mind, taking on an asphalt and concrete paving project on your own is a very easy way to book up your schedule. Driveway paving and paving repairs require the correct equipment, materials, and expertise to produce a high-quality final product; however, our team at Walsh Sealcoating know it’s unlikely for the average Lombard area individual to have all three of these things at their disposal. Without all three pieces to the puzzle, DIY sealcoating is likely to take much more time than it should.

Walsh Sealcoating is happy to help you create a well–protected driveway and to give you your time back. Oftentimes our residential clients are not home (and do not have to be home) when their sealcoating project is underway! We take care of everything so you can continue your daily routine without distraction.

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Support Local Business Owners

Taking asphalt and concrete paving off your plate and enlisting the help of a local company is beneficial for both yourself and the Illinois community. You don’t have to sacrifice your free time or professional time by taking on driveway paving and paving repairs — Walsh Sealcoating is capable of taking care of it for you. Not only does our sealcoating protection ensure your property will be protected from the elements, but it also comes from a local, women-owned company. Employing our professionals (instead of taking on a project of this size and scale yourself) gives you the chance to support family-centered businesses with employees who shop at the same stores you do.

Walsh Sealcoating also uses asphalt emulsion products that are more environmentally friendly than traditional paving products. Taking advantage of our high-quality service allows you to have a necessary property addition completed without indirectly harming the environment. Learn more about our story and our values as a company!

Experience Walsh Sealcoating’s Asphalt & Concrete Paving

Reap the rewards of having a beautiful, clean driveway without having to put in the effort on your own. Walsh Sealcoating is proud to serve both residential and commercial clients within a 20-mile radius around Lombard. Our driveway paving professionals are determined to make this landscaping undertaking as easy as possible for you by filling any cracks and laying down protecting sealcoating. We invite you to browse through our FAQs to learn more about our process and to get an idea of how your paving repairs will be accomplished. Our team has also helped improve the lives of several Illinois community members who have given us their feedback. Reach out to us today if you have any questions and to see how we can help you!