About Walsh sealcoating

Walsh Sealcoating provides asphalt repair and sealcoating services to residential and commercial customers. We offer homeowners the opportunity to protect and renew their driveway while also being able to provide the same services for business owners to do the same. We offer crack repair as well as small asphalt patching. We use Brewer coat seal which is a high grade coal based tar. This provides a durable seal that also gives you that freshly sealed midnight black look all year long. We are also one of the few sealcoaters that still do all of our work by hand. We do not use sprayers, everything is brushed applied.  We also do line striping for parking lots. 

From our home office in Lombard we can renew your driveway with speed and precision. Our attention to detail and our high standard will illustrate why Walsh Sealcoating is regarded as one of Illinois finest sealcoaters. Walsh Sealcoating provides the best in services and products at the same time offers the best in competitive pricing.
 "Let the gardener worry about the lawn and leave the driveway to us!" 


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